Broilers 2017 Original Drawings

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For the 2017 concert at the Lingen Emslandarena, Germany, Lars P.Krause designed the gig-poster. It shows a typical mod on its standing two-wheel, a scooter. He’s in a bit of a hurry, probably trouble downtown again.
The set consists of 4 drawings on 3 sheets very rough, DIN A4  (21 x 29,7 cm) drawing cardboard. The fourth drawing is on one of the backs! They were handmade by Lars P. Krause.

The drawings shall be signed on the front and, where possible, stamped on the back.
This is original artwork, there is only one copy of this set.

Sold out

Gewicht 0.01827 kg
Größe 21 × 29 cm



Lars P. Krause




Emslandarena, Lingen


120g/qm, 80 g/qm, drawing paper

Most of the gig posters and artprints in the Douze Studio have beenhand-drawn and are therefore coveted original art. In the drawing process, the sheets are often scanned and the printouts are then processed by hand. As a result, the sheets often have a digitally printed portion. This is normal in the work process of  Lars P. Krause. The drawings are usually offered in sets, which make this progress from the scribble to the pure drawing and the corresponding shadow and light drawings comprehensible. These sets contain all the drawings made for printing.