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From today on, original drawings will be regularly available in the Douze Online Shop. Twice a month one of the partly very old works of Lars P. Krause will be available. The posters for these are often sold out long ago. The drawings below come partially as sets of several sheets, in which further drawings are packed, which were provided for the production of the respective poster. And of course: each drawing exists only once!

Third Zeitgeist Artprint


The third Zeitgeist Artprint shows a female engineer or architect who is looking into a future in the same visionary way as her two colleagues, the astronaut/cosmonaut and the farmer’s wife. Actually, the engineer was supposed to be the last in this series, but there are plenty of new heroines right now – fully in the spirit of the times. 

The third Zeitgeist Artprint was printed in an edition of only four on four chipboard panels specially produced for the edition, wallpapered with thematically matching newspaper cuttings and painted over almost beyond recognition. The motif was then printed on in an elaborate hand screen printing process. A second edition was produced on artificially aged, 540g/sqm cardboard, in an edition of 12.

Dont Panic Buy Organic Artprint

The second Print oft he new Douze “Zeitgeist” Artprint Series was designed by Lars P. Krause and handprinted with 6 screens on specialy for silkscreen prepared, papered wooden boards.

You can order one of those Prints from Friday, the 2nd March 2018 here in the Shop. (link zum shop)

Also available from Friday, the 2nd March 2018 is the Explorers not Warriors Cardbord Edition, printed on 540g/qm heavy naturewhite colored, artificially aged artprint cardboard.

Explorers not Warriors

We missed them in movies, comics and computergames recently. And the current political changings make us believe, they will also be displaced more and more in the real world too: the world needs Scientists and Explorers – no rabble-rouser and warriors.

The first Print oft he new Douze „Zeitgeist“ Artprint Series was designed by Lars P. Krause and handprinted with 6 screens on specialy for silkscreen prepared, papered wooden boards.

You can order one of those prints from Thursday, the 2nd February 2017 here in the Shop. Also available from Thursday, the 2nd February 2017 is the Explorers not Warriors Cardbord Edition, printed on 540g/qm heavy naturewhite colored, artificially aged artprint cardboard.

Kitty, daisy and Lewis Poster

If I was a barber …

… I would have scratched a notch in the mirror frame for every soul who made me blow-dry his emo haircut… and shortly before I would have sorted the ground-down razor out, the haircut fashion  turned to the better…  And as it is nearly always the music that brings the styles into the hairdressers’, Kitty, Daisy and Lewis have a huge impact on this turn. A tin of hair grease and the obligatory flick comb adorn my poster for the Berlin concert.

To really arouse the interest of a nowadays audience, it requires special measures… or Olli Schulz, who since very recently whips up “feelings from the ashes”. The 2015 tour poster was printed with 3 colors in an edition of 200 pieces.

For those of you who’d like to put a bike up on their wall next to all the posters, I found the missing link: the Douze Bike Skull combines screen printing design with bike passion. My art print is available in 5 different colors. Optically, it reminds strongly of Mexican death masks – the thrill is in the details…

In Hamburg, Eppendorfer Weg 235, the “Only Art Club”, a gallery for contemporary art, opened its doors end of February. They put a special focus on screen printing. The Douze studio is represented with some posters of Lars P. Krause.

“Spindmädchen”, an exhibition with rare and new, exclusive Lars P. Krause / Douze pin-up art prints is taking place in Chicago, Galerie F, 2381 N Milwaukee Ave till mid-April.

In May, the new posters from the Douze Studio can be purchases at the Primavera Festival Flatstock in Barcelona. The Colored Gigs exhibition series goes to the next round with some innovations as well. For now, let me just say: It’s gonna be exciting!

Brian Jonestown Massacre and Swans Poster

The third poster

was supposed to be the last one, at least this is how I imagined it with my Paul Tibbets picture collection. Now that the third poster for the New York pain rockers SWANS is printed and my series is done, the fourth request for a SWANS Gigposter is suddenly arriving on my desk. On the first poster, he poses, right before the mission, full of expectations in front of the B52 bomber “Enola Gay”, which is named after his mother. On the second one, he’s waving – as he has just landed – happily out of the cockpit, and on the newest one, the bomb has already devastated Hiroshima and he’s posing, swollen with pride, for the press photographer. Well, I think I still got one for my fourth and last SWANS Poster which will be coming out in autumn.

At present, the neighbours and visitors of the DOUZE print shop are hearing rather unknown sounds coming out of the speakers, as I’m dealing since a while with a style of music I had pretty much neglected until now: For bands like The Black Angels or The Brian Jonestown Massacre have built a new pillar of the Neo Psych Rock, which gives this music such a solid fundament that no colourful fun landslide can be a danger to it: My poster for The Brian Jonestown Massacre refers to lots of details of their music and their really good videos – which should definitely give the final impulse to the undecided record buyer… Hot shit!

People have very different opinions about what nowadays shouldn’t be missing in a well-organised household. I think, everyone should have a protective hand on his wall! It protects the owner against the evil eye – which surely precedes every kind of turpitude… The eye of Fatima decorates my Hamsa, designed and drawn after its eastern model. It was the basis for a charity poster for the art project “Stolpersteine” in Dresden. Unfortunately, the Douze Hamsa will protect only very few against the evil eye, as there’s only a very limited edition of 24 prints per colour. For all-round protection take this way…

Carwash Reeperbahn Artprint

The time has come…

to still present my art print for the 50th anniversary of the Esso-Carwash-station on time … for there’ll be no refueling and car washing anymore for a certain time. The whole complex will be torn down – including housing blocks, bars and clubs like the Molotov… irretrievably run down. The fifth dimension. Somehow, I’m not really curious about the new development plan – I already have a presentiment of what it will look like… The poster was printed with 5 screens on sandy cardboard. It’s available directly in the Reeperbahn station or some of them are also available here in the shop

My last news for 2013 is a real thrill. As the last load Douze Mystery Tubes went out so quickly, there’ll be six more of the much sought-after poster bombs for Christmas. 12+1 posters are squeezed into the legendary tube. The ultimate thing under your Christmas tree! Take hold of it quickly!

Kreator Poster

When the order for a screen print tour poster for the thrash metal bards of KREATOR reached my drawing table, I immediately had before my very eyes the writings scratched into almost all school desks of my small polytechnic secondary school. The bad boys had during long math lessons, with the top of their compasses, incorporated visually stunning band names like Napalm Death,  Motörhead, Slayer and also Kreator. This was the first time this logo-like typo hit my retina. Not being able to purchase this kind of records or to have access to the internet, which hadn’t even been invented, my eardrum had to wait some more years for the over-excitement caused by the music of these bands. It’s almost sad that the kids of today can’t feel that kind of revolution anymore. The biggest revolutionary in the classroom is mostly the teacher. But during my research for Kreator I found a funny video of the German children’s channel on the internet. Mille explains Heavy Metal to the kids – and outlines the origins of the name Kreator. This inspired me for my poster… Some of the posters, which are printed with three screens on heavy black cardboard, are available here

Rocket from the Crypt Poster

In 2013, the Californians Rocket from the Crypt finally shoot some punk rock rockets over the Pond. However, they economise their munition pretty well and have only five European cities as aims of their bombardment. In Berlin, their rocket went down in the Festsaal Kreuzberg. The tickets were sold out at lightning speed and the gig posters vaporised directly behind the stage and weren’t even seen on the merch boot. But: Some still made it to the secureDouze Shop…  

Avett Brothers and Others

A lot of graphite has been drawn on paper, ink has been absorbed by paper and litres of screen print colours have been pressed through the screen, since I presented the last posters to you. That’s why today a real wall of posters is coming up to you. Well, I promise improvement and I’ll try to present the new works more often – I can already reveal to you that for the next months, pretty incredible posters will find their way into the poster tubes…

One band wrote music history like no other. People say Die Einstürzenden Neubauten, Trio or Kraftwerk wouldn’t exist without them. Fraktus, the heroes of my youth, are back! They split up after a gig where a club in Hamburg burned totally down. And now they write a new chapter in music history: the last one. My poster for the Dresden gig is printed on heavy black cardboard with three different tones of white. I just say: The bus is there!

At the beginning of the year, the first Berlin Graphic Days took place in the legendary Kater Holzig. The agency “Berlin Pieces” organised the two-day-event where the willing Berliners with cocktail glasses in their hands and cool live music in their ears could look at graphics of all kinds and react immediately to their buying impulse. 100 years ago, Felix the Cat was the first graphic star of the still young film studios of Hollywood and Felix may now lick the Berlin Graphic Days logo away

The on the go people of Blunt Graphics invited to an anew group show in the gangster capital of Chicago: prohibition and prostitution, killers, paid-off policemen and smuggling… The variety of pictures for the exhibition “Loaded Guns” is nearly endless. My three-coloured screen print shows a heavy-armed gentleman. Which group he belongs to is up to the beholder. The exhibition runs from March 15 till April 19 in the Galerie F. in Chicago. Some posters are as always available here in the shop.

Pearl Jam posters are a thing apart. Once printed, they are already gone. No other fan likes buying gig posters of his heroes as the Pearl Jam fan does. The band made use of this fact and asked some poster artists to design and print CCFA charity gig posters for their 2006 tour. Supported by the band, these posters were now presented in an exhibition in the Lukas hospital in Buende, Germany. The organiser asked me to make a poster for the exhibition which I printed in a mini edition in several variations. The posters and the revenues go to charity purposes.

If during a concert the power supply failed, all bands would stand in the dark. At a concert of I Am Kloot there would still be the chance to hear something – as they are known for the unplugged sound of their songs – because that’s what their songs are: good lyrics on beautiful melodies. My poster for their Dresden show is, according to the band’s wish, printed in a small edition with two screens on black cardboard.

The NASCAR car races come from North Carolina, as well as hurricane catastrophe announcements, the Red Cardinal and one of the nowadays best folk rock bands, the Avett Brothers. And the gig posters for their 2013 Europe tour come altogether from the Douze printing cave. For the concertgoers in the UK, Ireland and Germany was always an exclusive gig posters on the merch booth- and as usual some of them can be bought here

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