Kreator Poster

When the order for a screen print tour poster for the thrash metal bards of KREATOR reached my drawing table, I immediately had before my very eyes the writings scratched into almost all school desks of my small polytechnic secondary school. The bad boys had during long math lessons, with the top of their compasses, incorporated visually stunning band names like Napalm Death,  Motörhead, Slayer and also Kreator. This was the first time this logo-like typo hit my retina. Not being able to purchase this kind of records or to have access to the internet, which hadn’t even been invented, my eardrum had to wait some more years for the over-excitement caused by the music of these bands. It’s almost sad that the kids of today can’t feel that kind of revolution anymore. The biggest revolutionary in the classroom is mostly the teacher. But during my research for Kreator I found a funny video of the German children’s channel on the internet. Mille explains Heavy Metal to the kids – and outlines the origins of the name Kreator. This inspired me for my poster… Some of the posters, which are printed with three screens on heavy black cardboard, are available here

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