Avett Brothers and Others

A lot of graphite has been drawn on paper, ink has been absorbed by paper and litres of screen print colours have been pressed through the screen, since I presented the last posters to you. That’s why today a real wall of posters is coming up to you. Well, I promise improvement and I’ll try to present the new works more often – I can already reveal to you that for the next months, pretty incredible posters will find their way into the poster tubes…

One band wrote music history like no other. People say Die Einstürzenden Neubauten, Trio or Kraftwerk wouldn’t exist without them. Fraktus, the heroes of my youth, are back! They split up after a gig where a club in Hamburg burned totally down. And now they write a new chapter in music history: the last one. My poster for the Dresden gig is printed on heavy black cardboard with three different tones of white. I just say: The bus is there!

At the beginning of the year, the first Berlin Graphic Days took place in the legendary Kater Holzig. The agency “Berlin Pieces” organised the two-day-event where the willing Berliners with cocktail glasses in their hands and cool live music in their ears could look at graphics of all kinds and react immediately to their buying impulse. 100 years ago, Felix the Cat was the first graphic star of the still young film studios of Hollywood and Felix may now lick the Berlin Graphic Days logo away

The on the go people of Blunt Graphics invited to an anew group show in the gangster capital of Chicago: prohibition and prostitution, killers, paid-off policemen and smuggling… The variety of pictures for the exhibition “Loaded Guns” is nearly endless. My three-coloured screen print shows a heavy-armed gentleman. Which group he belongs to is up to the beholder. The exhibition runs from March 15 till April 19 in the Galerie F. in Chicago. Some posters are as always available here in the shop.

Pearl Jam posters are a thing apart. Once printed, they are already gone. No other fan likes buying gig posters of his heroes as the Pearl Jam fan does. The band made use of this fact and asked some poster artists to design and print CCFA charity gig posters for their 2006 tour. Supported by the band, these posters were now presented in an exhibition in the Lukas hospital in Buende, Germany. The organiser asked me to make a poster for the exhibition which I printed in a mini edition in several variations. The posters and the revenues go to charity purposes.

If during a concert the power supply failed, all bands would stand in the dark. At a concert of I Am Kloot there would still be the chance to hear something – as they are known for the unplugged sound of their songs – because that’s what their songs are: good lyrics on beautiful melodies. My poster for their Dresden show is, according to the band’s wish, printed in a small edition with two screens on black cardboard.

The NASCAR car races come from North Carolina, as well as hurricane catastrophe announcements, the Red Cardinal and one of the nowadays best folk rock bands, the Avett Brothers. And the gig posters for their 2013 Europe tour come altogether from the Douze printing cave. For the concertgoers in the UK, Ireland and Germany was always an exclusive gig posters on the merch booth- and as usual some of them can be bought here

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