Two Black Keys Poster


My new colour palette

goes from ochre over olive green to deep black, exhales the sweet scent of roses and is biodegradable. At least, that’s the kind of colours I can get cheap right now, because my little saviour was born and he delights me several times per day with always new colour creations… – somewhat earthy, I have to admit, but always very inventive. I don’t really know why but for now, for my new posters, I have made recourse to my approved colours.

Two new posters for The Black Keys wanted to be designed and printed this week. So, between changing and dandling the newborn and looking for the dummy, I somehow managed to make one poster for the Berlin show and another one for the Eindhoven show. The friendly parking inspector was printed with 5 screens on solid sandy cardboard. As I heard after the show, the Berlin police was so happy about this that all parking violators got a discount on their tickets.

The red or the blue cable? This question doesn’t even arise with my neatly tied up package of dynamite – here you only have to decide per switch: black or … Theposter for the Eindhoven show was printed with two screens on “dark white” cardboard in an edition of 136. Some exemplars of both posters are still available in the shop….